Making Them Shine!!!!

Shiny Floor

With students and most staff working from home, Daisy and Jason were able to get a jump start on summer cleaning.  They have most of the classrooms waxed, and have started on the office.  Summer maintenance on the floors is a multi-step process.  It begins with emptying everything from the rooms into the hallways.  This includes all desks, tables, chairs, filing cabinets and anything else that is on the floor.  Next, the rooms are swept before putting on a solution to strip the old wax.  Then, the floors are scrubbed with a scrubbing machine. After the scrub, a machine is used to first suck up the dirty water from the scrubbing, and then to rinse the floor with clean water.  That water is also sucked up and mops are used to make sure all water is removed from the floor.  After giving several hours to dry completely, a mop is used to apply the wax.  This is done in a very thin layer at a time.  Anywhere between four to six layers is applied, with ample time to dry before putting on the next layer.  Stripping and waxing the floors is a very tedious process, but Jason and Daisy have it down pat.  After knowing what all goes into making the floors shine like the picture above, it probably makes more sense when staff reminds students not to intentionally scuff the floor, get germ-x on it (which eats the wax), or crush pencil lead.  We are thankful to have two custodians who really make our school shine!!!

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