Getting Through This Together


It takes a village is a phrase that has been said many times, especially lately.  Our village would not be able to continue without these essential workers.  This picture was taken at the beginning of NTI, before facemasks were required, but the importance of the picture is the people working together to make sure packets would be able to go out efficiently.  Daisy, Jason, Jackie and Vanessa have been at the school working nearly everyday since the pandemic began.  Although we could snap pictures of each of them doing their normal duties daily, this picture makes us realize what its all about.  It's all about people and what people do for people.  The task here was not something that was assigned to any of them.  They realized that for the students to receive and send back packets efficiently they needed a system in place.  They decided to create each student a folder, with their name, teacher and contact information on it.  They also decided the information needed to be laminated and taped on to the folders for durability.  It was a lot of printing, laminating, cutting and taping.   I am sure this type of working together happens at all of our schools, but it is often overlooked.  We have great people working in our district and we are definitely super proud to work with all of our staff at MRC.  Thanks to these four in particular for keeping the school safe and clean, as well as working so well together to make sure all necessary tasks and communications are completed during the NTI days.

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