Battling the Cold and Flu


The past week or so  our school system, and our school in particular, has been hit hard with sickness.  The stomach virus, flu, and strep have been hampering our students.  With the district calling off school, it has been a great time for the the staff to battle those sickness causing germs.  The custodians have been working hard cleaning and sanitizing everything including, but not limited to,  bathrooms, floors, desks, chairs, door knobs, water fountains and even computers.  We hope these efforts pay off and our students are able to get back to school and continue the learning process.  We would ask that you take this time to wash all backpacks, jackets and other items that come into contact with other people.  Mr. Fugate would also like to ask everyone to read with their children during these days off, as it is important to read everyday.  We look forward to seeing everyone next week.

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