Breathitt High School would like to gain interest from students who would be interested in participating on a Esports team.  


Those students interested in participating can sign up by using this link https://forms.gle/rveUKAyRCvpkHjaM6 or by checking with the office staff for more information.

What is esports?

Esports takes video gaming to another level with organized competitive gameplay between two teams, governed by its own strict set of rules and guidelines. It demands critical thinking, communication, teamwork and creativity in order for students to succeed.

Today, esports is growing exponentially with over 400 million fans worldwide and regularly selling out arenas around the world. Currently, there are more than 200 colleges and universities offering almost tens of millions of dollars in scholarships. Establishing esports in high school enables students to do what they love and provides them with additional opportunities to earn recognition.

Benefits of Esports

Character Development

Students build character and develop discipline, self-esteem and sportsmanship through practice and gameplay.

Increase Participation

Esports are co-ed, inclusive, and engage students who might not otherwise participate in school athletics or activities.

STEM Engagement 

Esports players are often interested in STEM classes and programs. A high percentage of collegiate esports players select STEM majors.

College Scholarships

More than 200 colleges and universities offer esports scholarships and are actively recruiting players for esports programs.

“Esports brings out a new type of competition in the school system that has never been introduced before. Some students who wouldn’t ever want to participate in a sport now have the opportunity to do so while representing their school and building a community on campus."

Coach Dan Ungar

Weston High School, CT




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