Pinatas Decorate the Hallways of BHS


Mrs. Montano’s Spanish classes continued with the yearly tradition of making piñatas to be displayed in the hallways of BHS.  Students researched the history and uses of piñatas and discovered they are linked to Christmas; thus the reason for displaying them during the month of December.  Students developed an idea for a piñata they would like to create and researched how to make it.  They took pictures of their piñatas during the creative process so they could see the different stages in development.  Some ideas had to be adjusted as the creative process evolved.  Some students’ creations ended up entirely different than the original plan.  Mrs. Montona stated, “This is a life lesson as well.  Students started with a plan but had to problem solve and make changes to their ideas along the way, just as in life we make changes and adjustments as we go.”  Students finished up with a report communicating the materials used to make the piñata, how they made it, and pictures showing progress along the way. 

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