Student Success

Breathitt High School Making Gains in Academic Growth


All students in grades 7 through 12 took the MAP test on December 5 and 6th. The MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test is an assessment focusing on math and reading skills which measures the progress and growth of our students. We use this assessment to identify our students' needs and provide supportive instruction through intervention classes to help them meet their academic goals. It is also used to show us when students have met academic proficiency or have met the “benchmark” for that subject showing they are and can be successful in that particular area.

And what did assessment show us...Growth, Growth and more Growth! When the data came back, it was very exciting! Many students benchmarked and are being moved out of intervention classes. Also, even more exciting news is how much our students grew. In one teacher’s classes, they had 100 points growth.

Some outcomes of the growth are we are able to offer more class selections. We just added a yearbook class in which students will develop and design the school yearbook. Students will learn computer and photography skills. They will also learn about layout and design. Classes like these offer skills which can translate into future careers. For example, skills learned in a yearbook class could lead a student to a career in journalism or web design. Our goal is to constantly improve our academics and help them meet their future plans!

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my intervention teachers! A Big Shout Out to Cathy McCune, Breathitt”s 7-12 Intervention specialist! She has worked very hard with teachers in teaching them how to get the most out of our MAP assessments and how to use it to help student set and, most importantly, reach their academic goals for growth. Both guidance counselors Kera Howard and Michelle Johnson have worked hard to administer the MAP and change schedules to provide them with new academic opportunities. If you have any questions about our continued growth plan, please call and set up an appointment. We love to discuss your students and their dreams and growth.

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