Grandparents in Preschool


Everyone knows the important role Grandparents have in their children’s lives. Who else can give them that special kind of spoiling but their Grandparent? In our volunteer pool there are several Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s that volunteer at LBJ helping out with special projects and classroom activities. In Mrs. Jude’s room Ranger and Eliza Davidson's mimi, Donna Campbell read the story of Playdough to the children. She then ask the students questions about the playdough book and told them they were going to make their own playdough. Ms. Campbell and Rebecca Davidson provided the materials for each child to create their own  play dough. Our preschool class appreciates parent Rebecca Davidson and grandparent Donna Campbell taking time to read and provide this learning experience for the students.

Connie Alsept-former LBJ School Nurse, is grandmother to little Ember and she stopped by the classroom to share the story Hansel and Gretel with the children. She explained that this was a fairy tale book. Then carefully explained the difference in fairy tale stories and true stories The children enjoyed listening to her read. Ms. Alsept provided the children with a treat for being good listeners. At LBJ we appreciate our children’s grandparents helping out when possible. If you are interested in being a volunteer stop by and pick up a CAN Check form and volunteer paperwork for Ms. Genevieve to process.

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