Week of January 22, 2013

No School-Martin Luther King Day

Students will complete reading My Side of the Mountain and will answer questions. This will increase their ability to write complete sentences. 

Class will review study guide questions and students will take test on My Side of the Mountain.

Students will review various types of Expository Text Structure (Parts of books). Did not complete this activity prior week because of absences.
Students will build reading fluency by letter sound recognition. 
Students will practice Vowel and consonant blends.
Class will practice decoding/phonics using root word and suffix to determine meaning of words.
Students will identify sounds of letters in a timed activity.
Students will read practice making inferences.
Class will have activity concerning fact and opinion.  
Students will differentiate between Fiction and nonfiction by drawing upon prior knowledge

Students will have individual reading time.  Students and teacher will have one on one reading or students may participate in peer reading or Lexia Reading.