Math (Bailey's homeroom)  

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In this class, students are engaged in the following areas of content:

Number Properties and Operations
Data Analysis and Probibility
Algebraic Thinking
  • Show Your Work
    One of the most common questions I recieve on a daily basis is, "Do I have to show my work?"  The answer is simple, YES!

    You must show your work.  No homework credit will be given unless you work out the problems!
  • What is Buckle Down?
    Buckle Down refers to a workbook series called "Buckle Down to the Common Core State Standards".  The workbook is grade specific and involves students in lessons that cover each common core standard that they are responsible for on the end of the year test.  The lessons are a review of material that has been covered in class up util this point. 
    Unit 1 - the number system
    Unit 2- ratios and proportional relationships
    Unit 3- expressions and equations
    Unit 4- geometry
    Unit 5- statistics and probability
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