Students from Breathitt High School and Sebastian Middle School recently went on a tour of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. in Scott County, with GEAR UP.


Students were welcomed by guides who took them through sections of the 7½ million-square foot facility. After nearly an hour and half tour inside the plant, students were very glad that they had been able to ride on the electric trams instead of walking! Cars were being made within feet of where the students were traveling in the trams, and it was very exciting to see the vehicles being assembled piece by piece.


“College and Career Readiness is what all schools in Kentucky are focused on,” explained Mr. McKnight. “And really, this [TMMK] is one of many options our students have to look at for post-secondary plans. If they take classes at the Area Technology Center while in high school, those skills are valuable; they could almost literally walk through the graduation line one day and be at a job site for an interview the very next.” The tour guide echoed Mr. McKnight’s statement about employability, “Seven thousand team members build about 500,000 vehicles and engines. That's about 2,000 vehicles every day…”


The Georgetown plant has manufactured approximately 10 million vehicles since opening up in 1988, and has just opened up a new line where the Lexus ES 350 will be made – the only place in the USA that it will be manufactured.


GEAR UP is a partnership grant with Berea College.