Week of February 14

This week we will be reading selections from Collections for Young Scholars including Why Did the Dinosaurs Disappear, The North Wind and the Sun, The Incredible Leonardo DiVinci  Students will learn why scientists believe in theories as to why the dinosaurs disappeared.  They will learn possible reasons why a layer of soil around earth contains Iridium.

We will also be reading articles concerning Climate Change, including Europe's Deep Freeze:  Why Climate Change is Not Entirely to Blame from Time Magazine. 

Students will
-learn about La Nina
-Arctic and North American weather oscillations or inversions
-How High pressure and Low pressure air movements behave
-Melting polar ice and it's effects
-Radiation or absorption of the sun's rays effecting global temperatures 

For improving Literacy, Tuesday we will make a Valentine Card to give to a meaningful person.  Students will practice writing.

Students will be learning reading skills from the Great Leaps Reading program throughout the week. 

We will be learning how to better answer open response questions.  Students will learn how to restate the question.