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Most Americans have heard some reference to the story of the “Lost Colony”. 

The story of the "Lost Colony"  dates back to 1587, the time the Europeans began to settle on the free land, that is now known as Virginia.  The village of Roanoke was the first English colony to be established on the soil.  However this colony did not turn out as planned.  

The Governor of this first venture was named John White.  The small population of Roanoke lacked adquate food and tools and other necessary supplies.  They also contained frightening suspicions that the Natives may launch a surprise attack on them. 

These concerns resulted  in John White returning to England in an attempt to obtain the proper supplies the colonists requested.  Because of Englands war with Spain, John White returned three long years afterwards. 

But what he returned to was not t a colony but a ghost town.  The area which was once a village was stripped of its people.  Houses and other shelters were nowhere in siight.  What was left behind were some small cannons, an opened chest, a tall fence built around the perimeter of the former village site, and a single word inscription carved on a fence post, “Croatoan”. 


What happened to the first English colony in the Americas?    After reviewing  the linked material on the Lost Colony of Roanoke, write  a short essay (five paragraphs),  that describes  your hypothesis regarding their fate. Support your discussion with evidence from the texts. A bibliography is not required, but you must provide references from the text.

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