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Civil war Essay / Video Prompt

All Parts of this project are due April 29, 2016


The Civil War remains this nation's single most defining experience, the bloodiest conflict in American History with more than 620,000 dead. Ultimately, the War will give new meaning to the word that this nation was founded upon; Freedom.  Many historians place the beginning of the war on the twelfth of April 1861, but there is more to the story than that, more than just the battles and the number of casualties.


After conducting research on your topic, write an informational essay of at least five paragraphs that describes your topics association with the American Civil War.  Support your discussion with evidence from your research. What conclusion or implications can you draw? Cite at least 4 sources, a bibliography is required.


Then utilizing your research and conclusions create a multimedia presentation of two to five minutes in length that explains your topics association with the American Civil War.  


Here are some possible thesis statements or framing statements that you can use with your topic. You may choose to use something completely different or to rework one these.


How did the events of _________________ impact the outcome of the American Civil War?


The American Civil War was impacted by events occurring in _____________, including __________, __________, and ______________.


The _______________ precipitated the beginning of the American Civil War.


The American Civil War impacted _____________, in several ways including __________, __________, and ______________.


The _____________ impacted the American Civil War in several ways including __________, __________, and ______________.


The __________ of the American Civil War was evidenced in __________ through __________, __________, and ______________.