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Important websites for US History    This links to a series of power point lecture on eras of US history. Maybe not the most exciting presenter but these presentations are full of important information. These are especially helpful for the auditory learner who likes a lecture format. Part 1 Origins to 1865 and the first lecture of Part 2 will cover the much of the material in our class.   US History terms, timelines, video, essays some of these essays are on a very high level but lots of the material is useful and accessible.   Click on items in the timeline to open windows of text. There are lots of linked items on this site.   This site is a little difficult to navigate but Hippocampus has video and audio explanations on US History topics just click your way through the tabs.  This site is really pointed more at teachers but the American History in the making has a series of video lecture on US history you might find useful. Linked to the previous site has video, lectures, maps and artwork. This site is a little difficult to navigate.  Lots of terms and notes and linked historic document for a high school level class but worth a quick look.