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Colombian Exchange Preformance Task

How did the arrival of Europeans in the Americas change the world in positive OR negative ways? 

After reading the linked articles create a visual representation (poster, diorama, model etc..) of some aspect of the Colombian Exchange. Your representation should depict an important and impactful example of the exchanges between the Old World the New World.


The arrival of Europeans in the Americas changed the world in many ways. 

1. Read the linked articles to help you form your opinion. 

2. Identify whether you think the changes were mostly positive or negative. 

3. Select an example from the Colombian Exchange that you can create a visual model of.

5. Create your visual representation. 

4. Write a paragraph that describes what you are displaying and the positive OR negative effects of this example exchange. 


The Columbian Exchange

Farming Like the Incas

The Real Story of Globalization

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Longer detailed article The Columbian Exchange: A History of Disease, Food, and Ideas

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