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1. I can define the major problems facing the nation and the South after the Civil War.
2. I can describe the responses of both whites and African Americans to the end of slavery.
3. I can analyze the differences between the presidential and congressional approaches to Reconstruction.
4. I can explain how the blunders of President Johnson and the resistance of the white South opened the door to the Republicans’ radical Reconstruction.
5. I can describe the intentions and the actual effects of radical Reconstruction in the South.
6. I can indicate how militant southern white opposition and growing northern weariness with military Reconstruction gradually undermined Republican attempt to empower Southern blacks.
7. I can explain why the radical Republicans impeached Johnson but failed to convict him.
8. I can explain the legacy of Reconstruction, and assess its successes and failures.
9. I can indicate how the disputed Hayes-Tilden election of 1876 led to the Compromise of 1877 and the end of Reconstruction.
10. I can describe how the end of Reconstruction led to the loss of black rights and the imposition of the Jim Crow system of segregation in the South.