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Learning Targets; the Civil War

Learning Targets; the Civil War 

 I can discuss political, social and economic factors leading to the Civil War.
2. I can describe the outcome of the election of 1860 and the South's reaction to its result.
3.  I can contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the Union and Confederacy at the outbreak of the Civil War.
4.  I can discuss the main objectives of the North and South during the Civil War.
5.  I can explain why a war that many believed would be short-lived lasted four years.
6.  I can describe critical battles and other key developments during the war.
7.  I can explain the war’s effects on soldiers, and civilians.
8. I can explain the technological advances as well as the major cause of the death of troops.
9.  I can explain the cause of Lee's surrender and the agreement that took place at the Appomattox Courthouse.
10.                      I can evaluate the impact of the war.