BHS Master Schedule and Morning Drop Off Information


In an effort to make student drop offs at Breathitt High School safer and more efficient for students and parents, please follow the student drop off guidelines.


  • Drop-off begins at 7:40 am.  Classes start at 8:05 am. It is the parent and student’s responsibility to be here on time. It is more convenient if you arrive at school earlier because the busiest times will be between 7:55 am-8:05 am. 

  • The drop off area will be on Court street (southeast) and after drop off vehicles will turn onto Cherry Street. Do not enter the drop off area from Main street. 

  • For the safety of students, ONLY one lane of traffic and no passing of other vehicles. 

  • When entering into the drop off area, please pull forward as far as you can. Drop off will be more efficient if we can unload several vehicles at a time. 

  • Students should have items ready before entering into the drop off area and pass in front of the vehicle they exit. Exit quickly and to the sidewalk to help move cars along. 

  • Drop off students will enter the building through doors by BHS P.E. Gym.

  • Parents can drop off students anywhere within the drop off area but pulling forward as far as possible will help us ensure we can keep traffic moving at a reasonable pace. 



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