Wit & Wisdom: “It’s just so much more”

Wit and Wisdom

Wit and Wisdom books

Breathitt County students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade are getting their first taste of the SBDM council-approved English/Language Arts curriculum, Wit & Wisdom.  The Breathitt County Board of Education voted to spend over $270,000 to provide resources, materials and books to schools in support of this instructional program.  

When asked to reflect on their first days with the curriculum, students at Marie-Roberts Caney Elementary responded enthusiastically:

“We get to do more than just read and take a test.”

“We get to write about what we read.”

“I like that we go deeper with the story.”

“My favorite part is that we are reading bigger books, not just little stories.”

Other groups of students described the program as fun, and they commented on how much they enjoy the additional vocabulary activities that are included in their lessons.

Principal Jason Fugate echoed these sentiments, saying, “It’s just so much more than what we had before.  Our teachers and students are off to a great start with this program.”

Wit & Wisdom is a K-8 English curriculum that brings rich, knowledge-building content taught through the use of authentic texts into classrooms. Wit & Wisdom addresses grade level standards while working to instill a love of reading and writing into students.

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