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 Graduates Prepared for College, Career, and Community


Breathitt County Schools will accomplish this vision by: 

  1. Putting students FIRST in ALL decision making, 

  2. Setting high expectations for student achievement, 

  3. Advocating for every child, 

  4. Promoting growth for students and staff, 

  5. Actively engaging community stakeholders, and 

  6. Promoting positive school/community culture. 



  • ALL children can learn.

  • Teachers do make a difference. 

  • Effective principals lead teaching and learning at their schools.

  • All school and district staff contribute to student success.

  • High expectations are essential to student achievement.

  • Two-way communication and positive partnerships lead to student success. 



To support this vision and mission, Breathitt County Schools will ensure that all students have access to:

  • A guaranteed, viable curriculum that incorporates deep engagement and grade-appropriate assignments
  • Well-equipped, safe facilities that promote student learning

  • Highly effective faculty and staff that deliver strong instruction

  • Services that support the whole child



Board Members



Ruschelle Hamilton:           Board Chairperson, District 1

Albert Little:                        Board Vice-Chairperson, District 4

Becky Holbrook:                 Board Member, District 2

Anna Morris:                       Board Member, District 3

John Hollan:                       Board Member, District 5

Board Members

Mrs. Ruschelle Hamilton
Title: Board Member

Mr. Albert Little
Title: Vice Board Chairperson

Mr. John Hollan
Title: Board Member

Mrs. Rebecca Holbrook
Title: Board Member

Mrs. Anna Morris
Title: Board Member