KDE Releases 2019-20 School Report Card Data


Due to the impact of COVID-19 and the federal waiver applied to Spring 2020 testing, limited assessment and no accountability data are available.  Additionally, star ratings did not apply nor were federal classifications calculated for 2019-2020.  Data included in the School Report Card release include transition to adult life/graduation rates, overview information of the faculty, staff, and community, and the education opportunity/CTE snapshot.  

Trend lines and progress toward state goals information is new to the School Report Card for 2020.  Trend lines are currently available within the School Report Card for student enrollment, Kindergarten screener data, and graduation rate.


Breathitt County Schools Data Summary

Transition to Adult Life/Graduation Rate

Breathitt High School exceeded its 4-Year Graduation Rate goal with a rate of 94.1% (up from 88.9% in 2019).  

Breathitt High School 4- and 5- year average Graduation Rate:  92.3% (up from 90.8% in 2019).


Overview/Faculty, Staff, and Community

Student Membership data show that the 2020 membership was at 1,767 students, down from 1,768 students in 2019.

Faculty, Staff, and Community data show 103 teachers employed by the district and a student: teacher ratio of 18:1.  

Per the educator qualifications data, 46.8% of teachers hold a Rank I, 29.8% hold a Master’s degree, and 23.4% hold a Bachelor’s degree.  

The average school experience for Breathitt County teachers is 14.6 years.


Education Opportunity/CTE Snapshot

90.6% of Breathitt High School students (279 of 308) completed one or more advanced courses.

Of the 96 students from the class of 2020 who completed a CTE course, 56% were classified as explorers, 20% as completers, and 21% as concentrators.  Pathways included in the data at BHS are Animal Science Systems; Army JROTC; Early Childhood Education; Engineering Design; Horticulture and Plant Science Systems; Law Enforcement Services; and Teaching and Learning. 


“Our teachers, principals, and instructional staff have worked incredibly hard the past few years aligning curriculum, implementing evidence-based strategies and resources, and analyzing data.  We are extremely proud of this work, and we are equally proud of the steady increase in graduation rates at BHS.  Although we do not have KPREP scores for 2019-2020, we are confident that this work will continue to yield positive outcomes for our students,” stated Stacey Davidson, Chief Academic Officer/DAC.  

“Our district is committed to the realization of our vision of ‘Graduates Prepared for College, Career, and Community,’ and it takes everyone from food service to transportation to teachers pulling together to make that happen.  The growth in the graduation rate at BHS is a testament to that work.   We are super proud of all of our school district employees and their dedication to our students,” stated Superintendent Phillip Watts.


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