SMS Wins STLP State Awards

SMS Wins STLP State Awards

STLP has been a major presence here in the Breathitt County School district for many years. STLP stands for “Student Technology Leadership Program” and provides students opportunities to showcase their talents in various media; from newscasts to digital photography, students are able to find a perfect fit!


Mr. Alonzo Fugate began the first STLP team at LBJ Elementary in 1999, and has watched it grow from a handful of students at the elementary school to having student teams at the middle and high school with their own sponsors! Now that Mr. Fugate works for GEAR UP as an Academic Specialist, he assists the other STLP coaches when needed and fills in with technology demonstrations for students so they can take their newfound knowledge back to their teammates and created true student-generated work. “I am just so excited to see the program expand and really take on a life of its own. In the beginning, we were viewed as the tech nerds who ran around with cameras all the time, but that view has changed. This year, we saw more Breathitt County students entering a broader range of categories than ever before.”


Mr. Fugate listed all the categories:


  1. 1.     SMS - Caleb Spencer and Madison Turner - Georgetown Robotics Competition - 1st place
  2. 2.     BHS - Austin Hudson - Storytelling - 2nd place
  3. 3.     BHS - STLP team - KATE: Lean on Me Anti-bullying video - 2nd place
  4. 4.     SMS - Amy Brewer and Jolie Howell - Social Media service - awarded at state
  5. 5.     BHS - Brooke Halsey - Live reporting service - awarded at state
  6. 6.     Photography - Audrey Clemons-Combs and Kaitlin Gross - participation
  7. 7.     LBJ, SMS, and BHS all had showcase tables at state displaying their technology projects for the year.
  8. 8.     Several students participated in events such as gaming, quick recall, bench challenge, ePublishing, feature video, and the ever-popular Cinemania video competition.


Out of the entries, 5 actually placed either in First or Second place! “Out of the thousands of students across the state, being invited to attend and enter one’s work at the State Convention is an honor,” offered Mr. Napier, SMS’ STLP Robotics Coach.


“Just seeing the other displays was an eye-opening event for many, myself included,” stated Tim Spencer, BCS Assistant Superintendent. “When I watched the stage to see what school districts were being recognized, it occurred to me that a great many of those were from the KVEC region. This says a lot about the integration of technology into our schools and the first step is getting that, those devices and software, into our students’ hands.”


“GEAR UP has helped fund some of the STLP efforts within the district and we anticipate that continuing in some form or fashion for the duration of the grant cycle,” added Mrs. Clemons-Combs, GEAR UP Academic Specialist. “The experience of attending the conference is one that cannot be described. All of these like-minded individuals together, sharing their passion and vision for what technology means to them, and then creating an original product to make their schools and communities better, that is authentic learning at the core!”


We are very proud of all the students who were invited to the State Conference for the 2015 STLP Showcase and look forward to next year’s event!


GEAR UP is a partnership grant with Berea College.


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