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Grandparents raising Grandchildren conference in Lexington

Grandparents raising Grandchildren conference on March 10, 2016 in Lexington.

Contact Genevieve Swango for more information. 


Accelerated Reader
Here we go again bragging on our LBJ All-Star achievers. This one is Mr. Timothy Dousay, a 5th grade student in Mr. Doug Halsey’s classroom. He has accumulated 300 points in the Accelerated Reader Program. These tests are administered through the link “Renaissance Place” located on LBJ’s webpage. As we all know reading unlocks the door to exploring strange exciting new worlds. But reading is a strong active mental process as well as a fundamental skill builder. Timothy loves to read all “Percy Jackson” stories as well as “Encyclopedia Brown” books. He is the son of Howard&Valerie Dousay of Jackson and is going to be a pediatrician after completing college, but for now achieving 700 points by May1, 2016 is the current goal. Keep up the great work Timothy!
Type to Learn

Computer/Keyboarding classes at LBJ Elementary School are continuing to allow children to develop greater skills. LBJ chosen programs are enjoyable for the students as the interactive games make learning fun. In our ever changing technology based world technology aids in expression. Constant typing practice keeps these LBJ students better prepared as they develop keyboarding speed & accuracy. Ms. Spicer our computer classroom educator states that students are motivated when their skills are developed by finishing computer programs or “winning the game”. The current keyboarding program used is “Type to Learn” as children enjoy the challenge. Allison Noble, a 5th grade student in Jeremy Hall’s class is reported by Ms. Spicer as leading her class in the “Type to Learn” lesson and activities. Way to go Allison, you may have already mastered a skill that most adults can’t – Keyboarding Speed and Accuracy!

New 100 Point Club Members

Well here we go again bragging on our high achieving students at LBJ Elementary School. This time we have two 3rd graders from Jessie Bailey’s class that are now members of the 100 Point Club. They have read their accelerated reader books, taken the tests, accumulated 100 points. Way to go to Miss Hannah Miller & Brayden Barnett, keep up the great work! 





That is a very declarative statement, but it is one that little Mr. Tony Bailey can claim bragging rights too! Yes, this all-star achiever is in the first grade at LBJ (Mrs. Tina Coyle’s class) and has read 100 books. Mrs. Tina allowed him to raid her prize box and gave him a crisp new $10 bill. As she felt he deserves a little extra gift for reading so many books. After all how many books did the average American read last year? Not audiobooks, e-books nor magazines but books. Reports are now stating that books have been abandoned for e-books on our electronic devices. The LBJ FRC would like to remind everyone that March is Dr. Seuss’s birthday month. During this celebration of reading, challenge yourself to read a book. It may be hard to slow down long enough as we move ever so fast but our children will be delighted as we practice reading to them and with them!


Breathitt County Schools and its foodservices department are pleased to announce the release of a nutritional software mobile application called MealViewer to our school community

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