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Welcome to my webpage.  As most of you know, I am a Kindergarten teacher at LBJ Elementary School. This is my eighteenth year as a teacher here in Breathitt County and I truly enjoy what I do.  I look forward to coming to my classroom EVERY morning and seeing my students come through the door!    As teachers, we all want the same thing for our students and that is to help each and every one reach his/her highest levels of achievement. My desire is to help your child reach this very goal!   There is nothing better in the eyes of a teacher than to hear a student say, "I got it, I got it.!(after trying so many times).  The feeling is PRICELESS!!!   I am here to make sure that I can hear your son or daughter say, "I got it!"  Together, we can achieve this very goal as we work together this school year in the best interest of your child!  Always feel free to call or stop by my classroom with any comments, concerns, or questions. You may also reach me by email at

All parents have the same question at the beginning of each new school year and especially if your child is going to be away from you for the very first time.  So I want to give you a little info on myself so you will know who your child is being trusted with when he/she is at school.  As you know my name is Carolyn Smith and I was born and raised right here in Breathitt County.  I have lived here most of my life here except for a few years when I lived in Winchester, KY and from there I moved to Middletown, Ohio and worked at Armco Steel.  I moved back home in 1984 and worked at Buckhorn Childrens Center for seven years.  I attended Lees College when I graduated from high school and received my Associates of Arts Degree in Social Services in 1981.  During the time that I worked at Buckhorn Childrens Center I attended the University of Kentucky and recieved my degree in Montessori Education working with young children.  Then I decided(late in life) that I really wanted to be a regular classroom theacher.  So I gave up my job at Buckhorn and attended Morehead State University where I received my Bachelors in Education in 1996.  I graduated in May and started teaching full time in August of 1997.

I have one son, Archie D. Smith.  He is my pride and joy!  He served ten(10) years with the KY National Guard and during this time he served in South Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin and spent a year in Afghanistan!  He is currently living and working in Berea and taking classes at EKU.

I truly believe that teaching is absolutely the best profession to be in!  My job is by far not the highest paying job there is but it's the little rewards that make up for the difference!  That little arm going around your neck and a student saying, "I love you!", the many little hands that slips into yours as you walk down the hallway, the Christmas/Valentines Day gifts chosen just for you, that little picture that a child brings to you and says, "I made this just for you!" and you really have no idea what it is suppose to be but just the same, it ends up being displayed on your refrigerator for days, and the list goes on and on...Things like this our PRICELESS to a teacher!!! 

  My goal each year is to take each of my students further than they were when they entered my classroom, in every area of learning, and have fun while doing it!  I love my students with all my heart and I truly enjoy what I do!  I wouldn't trade it for any job in this world!  I am always opened to questions, concerns or suggestions that you want to share with me!  Feel free to stop by and see me in my classroom, call me at school or send me an email!!!  It takes us all working together to help our children become the very best that they can be!!!  I look forward to working with your child this school year!!!

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