K-4 Manipulated Photo

Manipulated Photo
Painted Chicken
by Jacob F


Original Photo

Original Chicken

Manipulated Photo

Painted Chicken



1.  In October, I went to a petting zoo with my Mom and Dad.  There were chickens at the petting zoo.  I used my Dad's iPhone 6S Plus to take a picture of a chicken that was there.

2.  I used an app on my Dad's iPhone 6S Plus called PhotoLab Pro.  

3.  I uploaded my chicken picture to the app and used the filter called Crayon Strokes Abstract because I like the way that it makes pictures look like they are drawn with crayons.

4.  I made some of the colors in the leaves brighter to make them stand out more with the PhotoLab Pro app.

5.  My dad emailed my picture to the school to upload to the website for STLP.

6.  I titled my picture Painted Chicken because it looks like a colorful painting of a chicken.

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