K-4 Infographic Process

Infographic Process

1.  My dad had to sign up for a free account on a website called Venngage since he is an adult.  He let me use the website to make my infographic. 

2.  I spent a whole week collecting my data.  I wanted to see how my family spent their time during the weekdays.  I kept my data in a notebook.  

3.  I totaled up how much time we spent during the week on sleeping, work/school, playing, watching tv, reading, and chores.

4.  I used Venngage to create my infographic.  I put my data in the form of a bar graph.

5.  I put in a picture of a clock.  The picture comes from the Venngage website so I can use it with their permission.

6.  I hit the publish button.  Venngage published my graph to their website.

7.  I saw that I sleep a lot!  Dad says that is because I am still growing.

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