Class Daily Schedule

Ms. Sloas Class Daily Schedule


Buses Unload-7:30… Students come to classroom from the bus or lobby


7:40-8:00-Large Group= 20 minutes

8:00-8:10-Music & Movement

8:10-8:20-Fingerplays and story time

8:20-8:30-Bathroom/wash hands

8:30-8:45- Breakfast

8:45-8:55- Bathroom/wash hands

8:55-9:30-Gym=35 minutes

9:30-.10:30-. Classroom, Choice time & Small Groups& table time=1 hr

10:30-10:40- Bathroom/wash hands


11:1011:20-- Bathroom/wash hands

11:20-12-00-classroom Choice time & Small Groups& table time ….40 minutes

12:00-12:45-Gym\Outdoor=45 minutes

12:45-12:55..bathroom/wash hands 

12:55-1:10-  prepare for rest time…students getting their mats etc.

1:10-2:15-- rest time=1hour, 5 minutes

2:15- 2:30…bathroom/snack time


 Gross Motor= 80 minutes   Choice = 1 hour & 40  minutes      

If your child arrives at school before 7:30; it will remain in the lobby until dismissal time:7:30.


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