Sheila Reading Group

Spelling list for the week of  March,16-20- 2015

1. far


4. art


6. card

7. chin

8. inch

10. soon

Monday students will write words five times each.

Tuesday students will write sentences with each spelling word.

Wednesday students will idenify with the definition of the spelling words

Thursday students will review the spelling words, and take a practice test.

Friday Spelling test on this weeks words.

Stuents will be working on Phonics, with the R- controlled Vowel /ar/ar, working in our work book from pages 9-16.

Students will learn High Frequency Words.  Within the chapter Students will learn how to label CVC-CVCC words.

Students will also idenify wit Comprehenion setting. Students will finish up the work book wit inflection: -s,- ed- and ing.

Thursday will be pre-Test, anyone not making a 100% on the pretest will have to take the test on Friday.

Friday we will also have our final Spelling Test, along with out Reading test over the story: Did You See Chip?


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