lesson plans weekly


Dear Mr. Blueberry Harcourt Trophies Reading

          Genre- informational text -author’s purpose

Skills focus making inferences

Phonics vowel diagraphs /oo/ and /ue/

Vocabulary understanding

Syllabication, comparing and contrasting words, closed procedure, compound words      

Review /oi/ and /oy/

Spelling/Reading words: blue, too, glue, zoo, room, clue, due, rooftop, true, noontime review words: cowboys, voices, letter, sea, won’t

Spelling reinforcement with Harcourt Practice Book

Guided comprehension questions:

  Think, Pair and Share/Respond Format.

Comprehension Skills – summarize, speculate, comparison, express person opinion with supporting evidence from the reading text.

Read aloud- AR books and students take assessments using renaissance place.


Mini lessons 1:1 or small group related to Lexia Core 5

Technology Reinforcement with Lexia Core 5, Reading Eggs, Harcourt interactive websites, Renaissance Place -AR Test

Language and social skills

Continue with empathy writing project about the 7 year old that survived the plane crash in Lyon, KY.

Language and Phonics Skills

long /o/, review /oi/ and /oy/

Technology Reinforcement with Lexia Core 5, Reading Eggs, Harcourt interactive websites, various other interactive websites that are connected with skills.



Review with minute facts: Greater than, less than, and equal to  k-3

                                                Adding 10 and subtracting 10   k-3

                                                         Addition and subtraction 0-20 no regrouping k-2

                                                Multiplication facts 0,1,2,10,11s   3 grade

Subtraction with regrouping 1-2

Subtraction and addition with regrouping involved in problem solving 3

Reinforcement: Envision Math Workbook, Moby Max, Sum Dog, various other interactive math websites



Complete performance task: under the sea

Reinforcement: Brainpop, Brainpop Jr, various other science interactive websites as they relate to the lessons


As a special education classroom all lesson and instruction are in a small group setting or 1:1.  Individualized Educational Plans are followed so students’ lessons may vary somewhat.  Science, social studies and other core content subjects are also related to the low level classroom teacher lesson plans the students are in based on their grade level.

Students go out to classrooms as their behavior warrants.  So each student may not follow these plans.  I try to utilize the lower level grade teachers’ lesson plans as much as possible  as to ensure core content material is covered.

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