Storytelling - BHS - #1

Princess Snow White - by Ted Austin Hudson


Click on the link above to download the PDF version of Ted's book. The book is currently being sent to a publisher. This is the format that he is using to send the book to the publisher.


This writing is a book that Ted Austin Hudson wrote about Princess Snow White.  The book is currently in the processed of being published.  The attached file is a PDF of the book in its final layout form.  All images are the original artwork and writing of Ted Austin Hudson.  


Ted Hudson was born on August the 12th, 1997 at Hazard Regional Hospital in

Hazard, Kentucky. He lives in Jackson, Kentucky.

When he was very young, though he can’t give the exact age, he loved watching

old animated cartoons, like any kid would. He loved to draw. As he was

watching the cartoons, the shapes and images would get stuck in his head. He

easily remembered the shapes, which allowed him to use them while creating

different things such as beautiful pictures. As he grew up, he became better and

better at drawing. Once, while in grade school, he entered his drawing into a

contest and succeeded.  He also decided that he and his friends would portray the characters for his

stories and the setting would be in the Hudson Theater created by Ted Hudson.

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