Photo Product - SMS - #1

Ice on the Railing

by Audrey Clemons-Combs



Process Used for the Original Photo


This photo was taken of ice which had formed on my porch railing.  I wanted to use this photo because it has lots of interesting textures.  The lighting from the sunlight really brings out the beauty and fragility of the ice crystals on the railing.


This photo was taken with my 8-megapixel camera on my iPhone 4S.  I am very impressed with this camera and the photos that it can take.  I really appreciate the fact that I can focus in on the details of the ice. 


After taking the picture, I emailed it to my STLP coordinator.  He chose it for winter judging out of the other entries because of the story it tells.  It tells the story of the weather in our area.  It tells about the beauty of nature and also about how fragile nature can be.  The ice on the railing in the picture did not last long after I took the picture.  The sunshine took care of that!


I chose this picture out of all of the ones that I collected because it really showed the textures and the story that I wanted to showcase.



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