Ms. Anna's Kindergarten

If we have a snow day or your child has completed their homework, you may want to log onto www.lexiacore5.com, to help boost their reading knowledge. Your child receives a certificate for each level completed and will have their name added to a giant lilypad in our hallway "WE ARE LEAPING THROUGH OUR LEXIA LEVELS" (check out our photo gallery for pictures).  

Here are the levels:
**Level 1 (Preschool)
**Level 2-5 (Kindergarten)
Level 6-9 (First Grade)
Level 10-12 (Second Grade)
Level 13-14 (Third Grade)
Level 15-16 (Fourth Grade)
Level 17-18 (Fifth Grade)

**EVERY Kindergarten child should complete Levels 1-5 in order to be ready for First Grade.

Just in case you have misplaced the directions, here is a simple version:

1. Go to the above website (or go to my STUDENT WEBSITES folder).

2. Click on CORE5 login (top left corner of webpage).

3. Identify who you are (a teacher or student).

4. Type in your child's teacher's schoool e-mail address: (anna.morris@breathitt.kyschools.us).
    Make sure to put a "dot" between the first and last names.

5. Log in using your child's user name (first name.last name). Make sure to put a "dot" between the first and       last names.

6. Your child's password is their birthday, with nothing between the numbers and only two numbers for
the year (EX: 111409 - mmddyy).  

REMEMBER, THIS IS A HOME-TO-SCHOOL CONNECTION. YOUR CHILD'S WORK/SCORES WILL BE SAVED TO MY SCHOOL ACCOUNT, TO HELP MONITOR YOUR CHILD'S PROGRESS.  OUR CLASS GOES TO THE LEXIA LAB EVERY WEDNESDAY (1:15-2:10). Please make sure your child has headphones or earbuds. If you have questions, please contact me at 606.666.7181 or anna.morris@breathitt.kyschools.us.

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