Knots in My Yo Yo String


Week of September 9, 2013


Continuation from previoius week:

Students complete question of the day Transparency 21
Discuss Make Judgments pg 64 I Transparency 22

Building Fluency in Reading and Comprehension

Discuss pg 64 J Use Decoding/Phonics to become a better reader

Introduce vocabulary words 64L

Read Vocabulary in Context transparency 23

Students read Vocabulary power pg 64 & 65
Students complete worksheet 11 in practice books over vocabulary words Check worksheet 11

Students will read story pp 66-75

Discuss Genre Autobiography

Think and Respond Questions pg 75

No Class  Assign Worksheet 11 for Homework

Question of the Day
Discuss Make Judgments pg 82
Complete test prep pg 83 and preview the test.
Discuss Literary Forms pg 83B transparency 24
Complete workbook pages 12 & 13

Check workbook pages 12-13
Reread story as a whole class activity (pg 66-75) using technology  This will appeal to the auditory learners.
Check/Review questions pg 75 and worksheet

Lexia Reading

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