Week of December 17, 2012

Thinklink Assessment

Students will utilize StudyIsland software to learn word roots, meanings of affixes. 
Students will learn various types of Expository Text Structure (Parts of books).
Students will build reading fluency by letter sound recognition. 
Students will practice Vowel and consonant blends.
Digraph and Dipthong Dash activity. 
Students will identify sounds of letters in a timed activity.

Students will have a Vocabulary building activity to improve comprehension.
Students will build comprehension skills by reading a selection and answering questions. 
Students will work on comprehension skills - Students will differentiate between Fiction and nonfiction by drawing upon prior knowledge and will describe these differences in writing or will use a chart to show the differences.

Students will work on literacy skills. 
Students will complete activities concerning sentence writing and  structure in the student activity center.
Students will write some facts and opinions (five each) and will have a whole class activity to discuss the differences. 
Students will utilize Study Island to reinforce learning.

Students will have individual reading time.  Students and teacher will have one on one reading or students may participate in peer reading.   
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