Week of December 10, 2012

Class will read review and test on "The Stone Age News" and will learn what informational text means, and will learn what newspaper format means.
Teacher will use the interenet to show students how various newspaper formats look.  Students will look at NYTimes, Google News, CBS News, etc.
Students will compare and contrast elements of fiction and non-fiction.
Silent reading or one on one reading with a peer or teacher.

Students will utilize StudyIsland software to learn word roots, meanings of affixes. 
Students will learn various types of Expository Text Structure (Parts of books).
Students will build reading fluency by letter sound recognition. 
Vowel and consonant blends.
Digraph and Dipthong Dash activity.  Students will identify sounds of letters in a timed activity.

Teacher will introduce "Ancient China" (Expository Nonfiction - presents and explains information or ideas.  Text is organized by main ideas and details)
Class will have vocabulary assignment.  Students will learn definitions and will write complete meaningful sentences with vocabulary words.
Class will answer questions corresponding to  and will discuss as whole group. 
Silent reading or one on one reading with a peer or teacher.

Students will work on literacy skills. 
Students will complete activities in the student activity center.
Review for the assessment.
Students will work on comprehension skills - Fiction and nonfiction or utilize Study Island to complete assignment on main idea and details.

Students will take assessment on "Ancient China".  Students will have silent reading time with a peer or teacher. 
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