Week of November 12, 2012

This Weeks Lessons:
This week we will complete our PowerPoint presentations on the Florida Everglades and we will take the assessment on The Everglades on Tuesday. 

Beginning on Wednesday, we will then introduce the next selection, Summer of Fire which is a nonfiction literary selection.  Nonfiction tells about people, things, events, or places that are real.  Students will look for events in time-order, photographs with captions, an interesting historical event.  We will discuss how the selection became known as the summer of fire.  We will learn synonyms and similes linking how a wildfire is like a wild animal.  We will discuss and learn about the following:  
The effects of draught
The regeneration of a forest after a wildfire
Wildfires as part of the natural world
Smoke jumpers the the personal qualities or triats of a smoke jumper
Students will research Yellowstone National Park.

Extension Activities
Super Volcanoes
Animals of Yellowstone
Geographic Features of Yellowstone including geysers.

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