Our Kindergarten classes will begin taking home their PROJECT READ NOTEBOOKS during the first week of school. Please read the current story every night with your child (it will be the punched, paper story in the ringed binder) and sign your child's reading log. Everyone wants to earn a prize book! You will also find your child's KINDERROOTS  (yellow book) or EAGER TO READ (red book) inside the front notebook pocket. Please practice this story with your child every night as well, as we will be giving weekly quizzes once we start the red books. Our rule is: If it goes home behind the sticker box, it comes back behind the sticker box, ON THE NEX DAY OF SCHOOL!

Please check your child's snack calendar for the letter of the week.  Each child is asked to bring something (small character, picture, drawing, etc) that begins with our letter.  Please help your child write the word and their name on the item or put the item in a small plastic bag and write the word and your child's name on the bag with perm. marker (or on a piece of paper and put the paper in the bag). Your child will receive a small prize or sticker for participating. These items WILL NOT be returned. 

During the month of August, we will be learning about these word letters/word families:

August 7 - Assessments
          14 - Aa 
          21 - Tt
          28 - Mm                               
                              HAPPY READING!!!  

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