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WELCOME TO OUR CLASSROOM!  -  from Ms. Anna's Kindergarten  




    If your child misses a day and you want to know what the lessons/skills were for that day, current assignments can be found on this week's lesson plans, posted in the box to the right. The current week's lessons are posted on the top. When your child returns to our classrrom, he/she will get their missing assignments from their mailbox and hopefully put any missed assignments in the RETURN side of their GREEN Take Home Folder. Please do not expect your child to complete ALL of the work in one night. Remember, this work covers a whole day at school!


    Our classroom has been listed on the website ADOPT-A CLASSROOM.  If you are interested in donating to our classroom, but do not know what to give, please check out this website:


    SCHOLASTIC READING CLUBS gives back to our classrom. Find the best books for your child and help us earn points!  You can place your book order today on-line or return your child's book order (with payment) to me. For on-line orders, please use this code:




    We have now started LEXIA in our classroom! We alternate weeks using a desktop and an IPAD to complete the activities. If possible, please let 
    your child start working on LEXIA at home. Remember, their progress at home is sent to my teacher account at LBJ, so they will receive the same credit as if it was completed at school. If you do not have your child's password, please let me know and we will send it to you. As a
    reminder, please check the link at the right (LEXIA FOR PARENTS) for easy access to LEXIA.

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