ATC Digital Photo 1



by L. Thorpe


This horrific picture was taken with iPhone 6s+. It was in the morning and I had just woken up.  As I lay there in bed, I felt something moving on my leg.  I sat up and it stopped. I sat absolutely still...covered up...swearing it was a string from the cover.  Then it happened!  I saw this HUGE spider as it crawled from under the blankets beside me!  Screaming like a wild-woman, I grabbed a cup from a dog food bag and quickly put it over the spider and slid paper underneath to capture it. Although this was like a scene from a nightmare, I knew that I had to capture this moment.  Grabbing my camera, I turned the cup over and took the picture before Googling what type of spider it was.  Thankfully, it was a fishing spider...and not poisonous.  I took the spider outside on the hill and released it.  Hopefully, I will never have another "Nightmare" like this one every again!

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