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Jason Fugate


Welcome and thank you for visiting Marie-Roberts Caney webpage. Learning involves hard work by everyone, the parent, the teacher, the principal, but most importantly the student. The faculty and staff of Marie-Roberts Caney firmly believe that a home/school partnership is necessary for the success of all our students. Research and experience shows us that a parent’s/guardian’s involvement in a child’s education is directly related to his/her success in school. To maximize your student’s success we ask that you ensure your child is at school on time each day, attend parent/teacher conferences and school events, monitor his/her homework and expect and support positive behavior at school. Parents/guardians, you are crucial to your child’s educational success.

We do not take lightly our responsibility in making sure our students’ experience a highly engaging educational experience in a safe nurturing environment. Through collaboration, professional development, and administrative support our staff works daily to build a bridge connecting classroom learning to real life situations. We are striving to provide instruction to enable our students to communicate in a meaningful way for a variety of purposes and audiences, to employ critical and creative thinking skills to solve problems. We push our students to pose questions and examine possibilities, and apply skills to find solutions to authentic issues. We are committed to the purposeful and intentional education of our students.

"No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship." (Comer)

Darwin Noble

Principal, Marie Roberts-Caney


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