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Retirement Spicer and Hall

LBJ Elementary School has said good-bye to Ms. Angie Spicer, as she announced her retirement. Angie began her career in teaching in Owsley County, before Caney then LBJ. She was the first computer/keyboarding teacher LBJ has had which was used for a week long special class. Her goal was that all children become advance with their typing skills develop high speed with accuracy. As she explained understanding basic notions of computer manipulations and managing the files you store is a must for any employable adult. Angie strived hard to help each child understand that they were in charge of this basic machine. She said the best part of being a teacher was for her the recognition she received from the students, such as the way they wave at her on buses or in stores. They were the most important part of school and she will never forget her time at LBJ. Gratitude from staff members for her years of dedicated service was obvious as they held a potluck dinner for her that would compare to Golden Corral. Her plans for the future include catching up on T.V. shows, traveling with her niece Teresa and relaxing. Happy Retirement Angie!

Pet Care and Compassion dog

Ky River Regional Animal Shelter volunteers Carol Shepherd& Amanda Gross presented “Pet Care and Compassion” safety program for the 3rd grade students at LBJ. The little ones are the perfect age to educate about the needs of other living animals in the world. Developing a bond that recognizes the child as the owner primary caregiver for the smaller animal comparing with parent/child relationship. Discussions revolved around a rescued animal named Phineas- a Bull-Mastiff mixed breed dog that was adopted from the Hazard Shelter by volunteer- Amanda. The ladies shared “Phineas” life story was found wondering on Hwy 15 in Perry County and was taken into the shelter. He was given a bath, medical care and love by Amanda who ended up adopting him. Mrs. Shepherd explained how there are currently many animals that need a new home waiting to be loved from the shelter. As good citizens we all need to help take care of our little 4 legged friends. Contact Pam Blair for information on having your pet spayed or neutered at s Super discounted rate, 606-439-4064. Animal control officer for Breathitt County is Billy Landrum at 606-568-6756. The shelter is always in need of dog food, towels, blankets and other pet care items-Help Out Our Abandon Animals!

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