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Reggie Hamilton

Sebastian Middle School offers a structured, orderly learning environment that challenges students to problem solve, to think critically, and to develop character, self-esteem, and scholarship. Our faculty and staff strive to provide strong basic skills, clearly established discipline and daily assignments that will provide a strong educational background for all students. Our staff here at SMS also holds high expectations of parents—not only to monitor and encourage their child's success, but also to support their school's academic and extracurricular activities. SMS is a School-Based Decision Making school offering Extended School Services and Youth Services Center. Students enjoy participating in the school's band, football team, basketball teams, academic team, baseball team, softball team, and various school clubs.  If I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to stop by SMS or call me at 606-666-8894.

                                                                   Reggie Hamilton
                                                                   Principal, Sebastian Middle School.


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