Students Work for a Good Cause

A student-initiated fundraiser to raise money to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is currently underway at Breathitt High School, Sebastian Middle School, Highland-Turner Elementary, and JacksonCity School.  Students are currently selling paper shoes for $1.00 so community members can show their support for the children, adolescents, and adults in our community who deal with Type 1 Diabetes everyday. 


If a student from any of these schools tries to sell you a paper shoe, please listen to what they have to say.  Type 1 Diabetes affects more members of our community than many people realize.  Students with Type 1 Diabetes often feel left out and like they can’t fully participate in activities like “normal” kids can. 


Part of the purpose of this fundraiser is to bring awareness to community members and especially teachers, coaches, and other school personnel about the seriousness of Juvenile Diabetes.   Students also hope to raise money to help the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation provide educational materials and information to teachers and coaches about signs to look for and how to treat diabetics who are experiencing a very high or low blood sugar level.


Hats-off to those students who are willing to sacrifice their time and energy for such a benevolent act!


A student-initiated 5K is also being planned for May 20th in Jackson. 

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