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The students in 7th grade World History at Sebastian Middle School have been studying Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel and Greece the past few weeks.  Students have been working hard to understand the concepts of creating a civilization and developing a culture. We have applied seven characteristics of a civilization (geography, language, religion, government, economy, technology, and social system/structure) to each civilization.  We have discovered similarities between those cultures as well as similarities with our own culture.  We are currently working with Ancient Greece and the concepts of citizenship and democracy; two ideas our American founding fathers took from the Ancient Greeks to develop our government.  Students have discovered that quite a few of our rights have come from the Greek ideology of democracy.  As always, we are diligently working toward bettering our understanding of how the past influences us today.  There are also community service opportunities available for our students.  These include the Troops Cars Box sponsored by Ms. Angie Adams and Teens for Christ and the Santa Clause Stamped Post Cards for the Macy’s Believe campaign with the Make a Wish Foundation.  Information about those can be found within the building.  Students are also participating in the Reading Plus program this year.  Mr. Hamilton wants to recognize those students who are earning combos with reading comprehension through the Reading Plus program so for each combo a student earns, he or she will get to place a marble in their designated Reading Plus tube to provide a visual reward to students.  Students also receive a Reading Plus incentive each Friday if he or she has completed all Reading Plus assignments for the week, has earned at least 1 combo, and has earned an 80% or better on reading comprehension.  This has been going well.  We are chugging right along as this new grading period begins.

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